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Olympic Forest Products Inc. offers a wide variety of softwood options for you to choose from. We are confident in our ability to provide you with a product that meets all of your needs and requirements. For details on what we have to offer please view the information below.

Douglas Fir
Softwood Lumber
Eastern Red Pine
Softwood Lumber
Eastern White Pine
Softwood Lumber
Spanish Cedar
Softwood Lumber
Softwood Lumber
Western Red Cedar
Softwood Lumber
Grades and Thicknesses

The following grades are generally available

C Select & Better D & Better D Select 1&2 Common 3&4 Common

The following thicknesses are generally available.

4/4 - 16/4

Customers have the added option of having their lumber dressed and ripped to any size and thickness at out facility in Erin, ON (conveniently located near the GTA).